Secure "Organized" Document and Information Storage

A Complete Secure Document and Information Vault
with pre-defined folders and "fill-in-the-blanks" fields. 

We've created your "organized" personal filing system so you don't have to!



A unique online personal file storage system enabling you to quickly and easily securely organize, store, and retrieve the information, instructions, and files
(documents, images, audio and video) that you need throughout your busy life.

Think of it.  Never again will you (or a loved one) have to wonder "Where is this document, or that important note or piece of information?"

With TheOneFile, it's only a click away.

Simple and Easy !

Tired of needing a document, or piece of information quickly, and not being able to put your hands on it?

Getting your affairs in order has never been easier.

There is now a better way - a new "cloud" storage system, unlike anything you've seen.  It's called TheOneFile, a web application that makes it simple and easy for you to organize and store your personal information,documents and media (photos, videos etc).

Easily access, add/update your personal information. Enter free-form information, create an unlimited number of items, set reminders and save and retrieve files of any type.


"Bank Grade" Security

A personal data vault has to be by definition, ultra-secure.

Since we began in 2011 we've continually upgraded our security measures to cope with the latest cyber-threats.
Today we are proud to provide you the strongest commercially available security technology available to protect and preserve your personal information and documents.

By utilizing the strongest forms of transport, session and database encryption and our world-class secure server infrastructure, we keep your documents, instructions, and media backed up, private and secure.

More Than Just File Storage

All cloud storage solutions can store files. No big deal.

We provide customized "fill-in-the blanks" fields for each type of folder where you can store and manage all of the notes, locations, instructions, arrangements related to a life event, document or image.

You can also set reminders for every record you enter so you'll never have to worry about missing an important event or due date again.

Works on any device

Convenient Access

Access your data from anywhere using your internet enabled PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Cellphone.

TheOneFile is there when you need a document, password, or other piece of information. Always ready for you to securely create new records, download stored information or files, add or update your personal information.